Find your Slot Game fix

I’ve noticed over my long years of gambling that some of my gambling friends love to stick to one kind of slot machine.

They search days, weeks and even years until this find a slot machine that they truly enjoy. Some are looking for loose payouts (obviously) but also entertaining graphics and cool themes. I think I’ve found my new favorite online slot game for the next few months at least.

New Slot Machine

The name of the slot is: Fixer-Upper, and ironically, I call it my new fix. It was released no so long ago by Rival-powered casinos. It is an I-slot or interactive slot. What I love about this game is that, similar to other interactive slots, it has an evolving theme. The plot of the game is to refurbish a second-hand house. The slot’s icon are all about home improvement and a couple that is set to do the work on their new house. What I enjoy greatly about the game are the bonus rounds. Each bonus round is about fixing some part of the house. The first bonus round is about fixing the bad pipes in the basement. While it is a fairly easy bonus round, you actually get a lot of coins for doing the job. Upon returning to the slot you will find a slightly different slot game with a new look. Each time you complete a bonus round the slot will also look repaired. The second bonus round is about painting a room. You get to choose which color and attempt to cover the whole wall before the paint runs out. Upon returning to the slot you will find the slot having the same color you picked in the bonus round and the pay-lines have been adapted to your color choice as well.

Bonus Game

It takes some time to reach to all the bonus round. The last one is probably the best and it’s the most skill demanding. You must knock hedgehogs on the head as they pop out of holes in the garden. Reminds me of my old visits to the town fair as a kid.

Fixer-Upper is a very entertaining slot game and it is available to be played for free at any online casino with Rival-Gaming software.

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