First Steps When Playing Online Pokies

There no doubt that online pokie machine games are pretty simple games. Many players consider that all that need to be done is pick the game, hot the spin button and wait for the magic to happen. However, when players initially make the switch from real life casino pokies to the virtual version there are some things that they’re going to find out that are pretty different. First of all, and possibly most importantly, is the fact that players can chose to play these games without using their real money. Players can opt to play for free and practice until they’re ready to spend their real cash.

Auto Spin and Other Features

Players will need to get used to the fact that the lever is now a spin button. Hitting this spin button is what will make the reels go round and round. In addition, players also have the option to use some extra added features such as the auto spin which will have you watching how those reels spins on their won for hundreds of times without your involvement.

Betting Options

When playing online pokie games players have many different betting sizes and options. Players can either go for the maximum betting amount by using the bet max button or choose to bet anywhere from $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1,00, $2,00, $5,00 and so on. The betting possibilities all vary from game to game. Players have many different choices these days when it comes to pokies in regards to themes, number of reels, progressive jackpots and much more. Remember that you want to pick a game that you would also pick in your favorite brick and mortar casino. A pokie that will keep you entertained for hours on end and that you understand the mechanics of it all since you want to have fun at all times.

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