How online casino slots work

You have probably been wondering how online casino slots work.

What’s interesting to know is not how they work but how they are made to be fair. Since it is a computer program that runs the games most people can become suspicious. Even while it can be justified for online casino slots, the suspicion can equally arise with land-based casino slots. Both have a hidden mechanism that could easily be manipulated to pay poorly.

Random Number Generator

The fact is the slot machines do work both in real life and in the internet. The secret lies in something called the Random Number Generator. It is a mathematical computer program that does exactly what the name implies, it creates random numbers. This is what makes online slot possible and also what makes them fair. The fairness is guaranteed because the randomness of the numbers cannot be predicted by any human being, including the owners of the casino. That keeps results random at all time and any player can win at any time. The motto for slot machines of ‘playing the right machine at the right time’ is easily understood with the RNG.

The RNG is programmed to keep giving random results within the established payout rate. The payout rates normally ranges between 90% and 98%, so that a game that has set on 95%, for example, will pay back $95 out of every $100 that are put in. Of course, the payouts are made over a long period of time and on the short terms the payouts are highly unpredictable. Thus, a game that has for a while been paying less than 95% may suddenly give a big jackpot to make up for the payout deficiency. Finding those machines that have paying low and playing long enough to get a good jackpot is best portrayed by the motto we just quoted.


Online casino slots are now after ten years of being around are as trustworthy as normal casino slots. They are fair and provide a legitimate opportunity to make a profit if luck sticks by your side.

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