Egypt in 3D: Fortune of the Pharaohs Slot

Every active online slot player out there knows that Ancient Egypt is not an original theme for a free online slot game. However, Rival Gaming now brings us Egypt in 3D with the Fortune of the Pharaohs slot game. Think about everything you remember about other Egyptian themed slots and now multiply the fun and cool graphics times infinity! In Fortune of the Pharaohs players can expect to see a lot of cool animations and popping graphics along with superb sound effects and bonus games.

Main Theme

The introductory video says it all: this game is a little edgy and not for those players that scare easily. As the video states it:  “When you try to conquer history, the price you could pay might be too high.”  20 paylines, 5 reels and a bunch of cool symbols complete the feel of the game. Of course the symbols have to do with Ancient Egypt including camels, pyramids, hieroglyphic’s and other classic icons. The Mummy is the Wild Symbol in Fortune of the Pharaohs and the Coffin is the scatter symbol. The Scorpion is the symbols that pays out the free spins.

Bonus Round

The Bonus Round comes to life when players land three or more Egyptian Sphinx symbols. Players are then transported to a separate screen that is set deep in the Pharaoh’s tomb. Seven cash prizes are hidden from view and the player must choose the ones that appeal more to their eye. Eye statue will pay out a different prize and players will get the number of tries equal to the number of Egyptian Sphinx symbols that they spun in the main game. All cash prizes will be totaled together and instantly awarded to the player once the bonus round is over. Players will know when the round is over because the mummy will creep out from its coffin and end the game with an eerie animation.

Fantastic Fruit: A Fantastic Classic Pokie

There are some of us online pokie lovers who also love the look, feel and style of classic 3 reel pokies. This is somewhat rare since these days there are so many options out there in regards to games with outstanding features. But there is something about traditional 3 reel pokies that keep these games as the number one choice or many bettors out there.

Classic game

Fantastic Fruit is a great example of these types of classic games. With 3 reels and only one pay line this Vegas-style pokie offers higher betting limits and great payout percentages that truly appeal to any type of bettor out there. The coin denomination in this free online pokie ranges from $0.01 to $5 and you can bet with up to 3 coins per wager.


Give Fantastic Fruit a try for a chance to win some amazing prize and you will soon notice that these more simple games are also packed with interesting and exciting features. Landing three cherries on the reels will award the largest payout and then you can also expect to collect coins by landing by lemons, green apples, plums and Bar symbols. The maximum wager per spin is set at $15 and gives you the opportunity to win up to a whopping $6,000 per single spin.

Fantasy Fortune Free Online Slot

Fantasy Fortune is one of those free online slots that remain as classic as possible but with a very popular and cool theme. In present times all types of people enjoy whatever chance they have to escape form modern times and with Fantasy Fortune this is all very possible. This free online slot game takes players on a trip back to medieval times when dragons and knights ruled the world.

This 5 reel and 20 payline video slot starts with a nice animation that welcomes all players to a different land and a mad adventure.


Even though the game looks old school, the graphics are really impressive. The main screen is very vibrant and colorful and when you spin the reels you can really appreciate some nice graphic details. The background music truly transports you to a different place. The symbols are totally about dragons, castles, white and black knights, wizards and heroes. Whenever a winning pattern is completed a nice animation is displayed on the screen.


Fantasy Fortune has two scatter symbols. Scatter symbols are those icons that appear randomly on the reels and they do not need to be on a specific position to create a winning pattern. The first scatter in this free slot is the Wizard. If a player lands three or more wizards in the five reels they will win 10 free spins with a nice 3x multiplier on all winnings. The second scatter symbol is another important icon. This symbol has the shape of the door to a castle. Whenever three of these appear, players will enter the special bonus round. Another meaningful symbol is the wild icon. In this game the wild symbol is the dragon and it will substitute for other symbols (except for the scatters). If a player is lucky enough to land 5 dragons then they can expect to see a substantial 5000 coins payout.

Find your Slot Game fix

I’ve noticed over my long years of gambling that some of my gambling friends love to stick to one kind of slot machine.

They search days, weeks and even years until this find a slot machine that they truly enjoy. Some are looking for loose payouts (obviously) but also entertaining graphics and cool themes. I think I’ve found my new favorite online slot game for the next few months at least.

New Slot Machine

The name of the slot is: Fixer-Upper, and ironically, I call it my new fix. It was released no so long ago by Rival-powered casinos. It is an I-slot or interactive slot. What I love about this game is that, similar to other interactive slots, it has an evolving theme. The plot of the game is to refurbish a second-hand house. The slot’s icon are all about home improvement and a couple that is set to do the work on their new house. What I enjoy greatly about the game are the bonus rounds. Each bonus round is about fixing some part of the house. The first bonus round is about fixing the bad pipes in the basement. While it is a fairly easy bonus round, you actually get a lot of coins for doing the job. Upon returning to the slot you will find a slightly different slot game with a new look. Each time you complete a bonus round the slot will also look repaired. The second bonus round is about painting a room. You get to choose which color and attempt to cover the whole wall before the paint runs out. Upon returning to the slot you will find the slot having the same color you picked in the bonus round and the pay-lines have been adapted to your color choice as well.

Bonus Game

It takes some time to reach to all the bonus round. The last one is probably the best and it’s the most skill demanding. You must knock hedgehogs on the head as they pop out of holes in the garden. Reminds me of my old visits to the town fair as a kid.

Fixer-Upper is a very entertaining slot game and it is available to be played for free at any online casino with Rival-Gaming software.

First Steps When Playing Online Pokies

There no doubt that online pokie machine games are pretty simple games. Many players consider that all that need to be done is pick the game, hot the spin button and wait for the magic to happen. However, when players initially make the switch from real life casino pokies to the virtual version there are some things that they’re going to find out that are pretty different. First of all, and possibly most importantly, is the fact that players can chose to play these games without using their real money. Players can opt to play for free and practice until they’re ready to spend their real cash.

Auto Spin and Other Features

Players will need to get used to the fact that the lever is now a spin button. Hitting this spin button is what will make the reels go round and round. In addition, players also have the option to use some extra added features such as the auto spin which will have you watching how those reels spins on their won for hundreds of times without your involvement.

Betting Options

When playing online pokie games players have many different betting sizes and options. Players can either go for the maximum betting amount by using the bet max button or choose to bet anywhere from $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1,00, $2,00, $5,00 and so on. The betting possibilities all vary from game to game. Players have many different choices these days when it comes to pokies in regards to themes, number of reels, progressive jackpots and much more. Remember that you want to pick a game that you would also pick in your favorite brick and mortar casino. A pokie that will keep you entertained for hours on end and that you understand the mechanics of it all since you want to have fun at all times.

Flash Online Casino Slots

Online slot machines are one of the main sources of entertain in the World Wide Web. People from all nationalities recur to online slots to experience the thrill of gambling from the comfort of your own home. Playing online is as simple as visiting one of the hundreds of online casino sites and downloading their software on to your computer. This is the traditional way for playing slot machines online. However, with the latest technology, developed by Flash and Java designers, has allowed the world of online casino betting to be played without downloading a software to the computer.

Types of Online Casinos

There are more and more online casino sites that offer their whole array of games directly from their website. Thanks to the flexible technology of Flash and Java, game producers can create technologically advanced games that don’t require any data being downloaded to players’ computers. The names given to these types of casino games are Instant Play Casinos, Flash Casino Games, Java Slot Machines, No-Download Casino Slots, and so forth. They all describe the same fact, of online casino games playable directly from your browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, etc).

Quality of Flash

The quality difference between a software version slot machine and a Flash version is negligible. The performance of the game may be faster when you have downloaded the game. But with a good enough internet connection and a fairly modern computer or laptop, the games will perform without flaws.


The security of playing via browsers or via a software is practically the same. Both are encrypted with the latest technology, as to secure a flawless connection between the players computer and the casino server.

Flash Casinos are recommended for those that prefer to keep their computer clean from too many programs. The fun of gambling can be equally enjoyed by playing at instant no-download casinos.

Free Online Casino Slots

Welcome to our new site, dedicated to the thrilling world of Free Online Casino Slots!

This site was create by a group of experienced online gamblers that have been playing at online casinos for at least 5 years. We decided to provide a definite guide to online slots.

The internet is currently overwhelmed with different slot games, casino software, casino companies and slot machine sites that we decided to try to create a simple, straightforward but comprehensive guide.

Our Idea of Rreviews

What will follow are reviews of slot games that we find are the best in terms of odds and features. We will provide guides to the different categories into which slot machines fall, the different kinds of slot promotions or bonuses available, the software companies that provide the games, plus many other interesting details of the online gambling industry.

We are also planning to set up a special application that will allow visitors to this site play and test slot games for free. They will be able to play these slot games instantly, without the need of downloading any software to the computer. These are known as Instant Slots or Instant Casino Games, and require Adobe Flash to be installed in the computer. Flash is not a software, rather it is an application that is universally used on the internet.

About the Structure of the Site

This site will take shape in the form of a blog with several entries in each page. We will be updating our site weekly, so stay tune for more news on casinos and slot games. We will provide our first review next week, hopefully of slot games that most people have never heard of but that actually deserve much more exposure

Welcome to our Free Online Casino slot sites… remember to play responsibly. Gambling is a form of entertainment and should not bring added stress into our lives, which is the case if you allow it to become an addiction. Play smart, play responsible and have a blast. Good luck!

Free Online Flea Market Fun

Sometimes I just feel like sitting down in front of my computer and playing a classic hassle-free online slot. I’m not in the mood for complicated visuals or story lines. I don’t even feel like having to think about the payout combinations with 20 different paylines. All I want to do is hit the spin button and watch the minutes go by. Classic three reel slots are simple since everything you need to know about the game is right there, on the same screen. The symbols, the payout, the reels and whatever special features the slot may offer.

Flea Market

One of the best classic three reel slots I like playing is called Flea Market. This 3 reel slot game has  1 payline and the theme is of a series of small fleas in a, you guessed it, flea market. What they’re doing here is uncertain but they keep the game simple just how I like it. However, as simple as it is the graphics and icons are well crafted and fit really well with the game. The coin size for betting in Flea Market stands at $0.05 and up to $5.00. Players are allowed to wager up to 2 coins per spin with a maximum bet of $10. I always prefer playing maximum amount because it highly increases my chances of winning. If you decided to play with max coins here you could win up to 10, 000 coins at a time.


This jackpot is made possible because Flea Market does offer a wild symbol. In this case the wild is the ring symbol. Being the wild symbol in the game means that whenever it appears it will substitute for all other symbols on the reel to complete a winning combination. If you happen to land three of these you could score the $10, 000 prize.

Having Fun with a Free Slot: Golden Man

Are you the type of player who is looking for a fun combination of a great online slot game that can be played for free? Are you also into high-end animated graphics which are able to put you in a great mood and want to keep you playing the slot for hours? Then Golden Man is the right slot game for you. This fabulous video slots game offers high stakes and great options for all types of players out there.


The Golden Man video slot consists of 5 reels and 20 pay lines slots game in which of course the main goal of every player is to land the correct winning combinations to collect huge prize. There various icons and characters in this game and all seem to have a touch of gold color in them including a man in a suit, a woman, a long-nosed man wearing a fedora hat, a shotgun, gold bars, nucleus, and of course the Golden Man himself. The theme of this video slot is a futuristic battle which involves a nuclear war development and the businesses that go with it, which is something similar to the Iron Man classic fictional character. This slot is meant to be played by all types of players but perhaps the ones who also enjoy comic and futuristic themes packed with action and adventure will be more pleased with Golden Man.


The minimum bet players can place per line in this game is of $0.01, and players can bet as much as $5 per line. Players will also be able to activate all 20 pay lines to increase their chances of winning. The maximum betting amount they can place in each spin is $100, and they can win as much as $100,000 in a huge jackpot prize. Players can also cash in by landing the expanding wild symbol and high-paying scatter icon. These symbols fill in the missing icons to form new winning combinations and also activate the fun bonus round.

How Do Age Verifiers Work in Free Pokie Games?

It’s certainly true that both young and old love to play amazing free pokie games online but a  reputable casino will always make sure to keep those players who aren’t of legal age at a safe distance from these games. Picking the right casino is ultimately vital in order to prevent these types of illegal players from disrupting the peace. Players who enjoy playing pokies, poker, blackjack, roulette, bingo or others must know that they need to be at least 21 years old before placing any real money wagers.

Legal Issues

The most important reason behind this pre requisite is the fact that when players go ahead and ask for a pay out they are going to need to send over legal paperwork that without a doubt will show that they player is of legal age and that they are who they claim to be.

Debates Over Gambling

There has been much debate over the years about the idea that online gambling can become a serious problem for many. Of course, while this is certainly a possibility, it’s the online casino’s responsibility to make sure that those players who are exposed to such dangers are fully aware of what they are getting themselves into. A great deal of online casino players invest a lot of their money trying out their luck and sometimes skills in casino games that could very well bring them a healthy pay put but at times might get to a dangerous zone. The age verification process helps players as well as casinos to have a data base that makes sure that the credit card or other banking methods come from the person that truly owns this information and that no misinformation has been leaked that could possibly cause problems in the future.